Die 10 Gebote des Bierbrauers/The Brewer's 10 Commandments

I. Thou shalt love the god Gambrinus above all and not cloud his honor with bad beer.
II. Thou shalt not honor any other beer gods and not stretch your beers with chemical additions.
III. Thou shalt brew good beer during the week so the people can become healthy again on Sundays.
IV. Thou shalt obey mother Hops and father Barley, honor them as providers of your wealth.
V. Thou shalt not kill, with beers of poor quality
VI. Thou shalt watch your taverner more, than the pretty waitresses and women
VII. Thou shalt not steal money from the people's pockets, nor fill kegs and bottles with water.
VIII. Thou shalt not mix unlawful materials into the beer, nor sell bad beer as good.
IX. Thou shalt not expect more from the people than thy beer hath worth because there is already enough poor quality on the market.
X. Thou shalt not demand that your wife, children and workers drink your beer if it is spoiled, watered down or of poor taste.

(from the Brewers 1887 Convention)