Siebel Institute of Technology's Gift to the Museum of Beer and Brewing

Thanks to the generous support of a number of our members, the Siebel family, and the proprietors of the Siebel Institute of Technology, a predominant technology and learning center for the brewing industry, the Museum of Beer and Brewing has taken possession of a collection of historical analytical equipment. A series of artwork murals was also given to the Museum on permanent loan.

The fine collection of oil paintings depicting the romantic evolution of brewing will be on permanent display at the future Museum site. "An Illustrated History of the Art and Science of Brewing" was produced by the Brewing Industry Historical Committee, which was founded in March 1935. Jean Allen, an artist of national reputation was contracted to do the paintings. The first exhibition of the eleven paintings was made at the Master Brewers' 32nd National Convention held at the Netherland Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio in October 1935. Each painting measures approximately 4 x 5 feet.

Following the exhibition in Cincinnati, the paintings were displayed for decades in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. The last years prior to being acquired by the Museum, the collection was displayed in the lobby of the J. I. Siebel Institute of Technology.

The addition to our archives includes a large collection of historic thermometers using current and historic temperature scales such as Reaumur, Celsius, Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Also in the collection of historic instrumentation are hydrometers, instruments used to measure liquid concentrations. The density scales are of great interest and exhibit the multitude of measurement used in breweries from specific gravity through Baumé readings.

A broad spectrum of historical laboratory equipment for cereal grains, malt, wort, beer, and microbiological analysis was also gifted our Museum.

The Museum is deeply indebted to the Siebel Family and the Lallamand group for this generous addition to our archives. We will display photos of a number of the paintings in upcoming newsletters.