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Lorraine Hoffmann was born and raised in Milwaukee. She attended
Milwaukee Downer College and received her BA in Economics from the University of
Wisconsin, Madison, and a Masters in Teaching of Social Science and History from
Columbia University in New York City. She then moved to Chicago where she worked
in the securities business as a researcher and then as Assistant Vice President at
Merrill Lynch. After her father passed away, she returned to Milwaukee in 2000 in
order to run the family business, the Harri Hoffmann Co. Inc., a manufacturer of
shoe and leather care products that are sold internationally under private label, but
also under company names such as Hoffco Shoe Dressing, Whittemore Heal and Sole
Enamel, Bostonian Shoe Dye, and Dux Bak products.
While in Chicago, Lorraine was involved in various community activities,
serving as President of the Lake View Citizens, a grass roots community organization
including the area around Wrigley field. When she returned to Milwaukee, Karl
Strauss, a close family friend and one of the founders of the Museum of Beer and
Brewing, asked her to get involved with MBB. Lorraine told Karl that while she 
enjoyed a beer now and then, it was all she knew about beer and brewing. Karl
convinced her to become active by saying that she also filled bottles (shoe polish
bottles) so there would be no problem. After serving on the Board during the
administrations of Gary Luther, Jeff Platt, and Jim Haertel, Lorraine was elected
President. Lorraine served three years in that office.
When Lorraine is not running the shoe polish factory or the Museum of Beer
and Brewing, she serves on the Board of Goethe House, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin
Institute of Torah Studies, the Orthodox Union of America, the Corporate Board of
the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the Holocaust Educational Resource
Center. She is also the Chairman of Lake Park Synagogue on Milwaukee’s East Side.