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Nikki Collier is the founder and owner of Leashless Lab. Their mission is to be the handshake trick between the animal protection and the craft beer communities by repurposing organic brewing byproduct, the spent grain, into a dog treat that benefits charitable organizations across the country.

She has a combined fifteen years of marketing, sales, and operations management experience in corporate retail working with many of the nation’s leading brands. She is now using that knowledge to create a brand that brings joy to both dog and beer lovers alike, while making an impact in the community and for the environment. 

To further support and advocate for the community, she serves as the Chief Solutions Provider with a Milwaukee-based marketing firm. Here she helps neighboring business owners’ grow and reach yearly goals through coaching, consulting, and networking.

As an entrepreneur, Nikki has intentionally shaped her career to unite passions and hobbies into a unified professional and personal life. Beyond canines and craft beer, her life-long enthusiasm for travel fulfills a desire to gain a deeper understanding of diverse opinion and global perspective. Outside the office, Nikki and her family enjoys visiting communities across the country and globe, immersing themselves in the local scene, and explore neighborhood identities through their culinary, craft, and canine expressions.